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Ocean Autograph

Manta Ray Bracelet

Manta Ray Bracelet

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Dive into the depths of style and purpose with our captivating Manta-Ray Bracelet, a unique accessory that blends cultural elegance with marine conservation. Inspired by the graceful movements of these gentle giants of the sea, this bracelet is more than just a statement piece; it's a symbol of respect for nature and a commitment to protecting our precious oceans.


  • Exquisite design featuring a handwoven yarn rope and a charming manta ray charm
  • Adjustable toggle clasp for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Durable and high-quality materials for long-lasting wear
  • A portion of proceeds from each purchase supports ocean conservation initiatives

Product Details:

  • Chain Type: Rope Chain
  • Clasp Type: Toggle-clasps

Embrace the spirit of the ocean and showcase your appreciation for marine life with the Manta Ray Bracelet. Together, we can make a positive impact on the health of our planet's precious blue waters.

With every purchase of our Manta Ray Bracelet, you'll be directly contributing to ocean conservation efforts.

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